xbox 360 cod hack

Exe, call of duty black ops ii prestige hack.
They use the same method as the RGH2 or the R-jtag chip (for Phatties) The CR4 XL is the preffered chip for these dashboards.Hack Cheat Tool Cash, Coins, Energy generator for android and iOS).Dashboard 14699 and lower are vulnerable to the RGH * hack Dashboard 14717, 14719 are vulnerable to the RGH2, this method uses the Slim style hack.Slims are mostly Liteon ones, Hitachi drives are pretty rare.However you cannot connect to XBLive ever!Produced by experienced studio Treyarch, which is the same team that was behind Call popcap bookworm adventures full of Duty 3, Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops.New chip for slims phats?Hello our favorite gamers, today we prepared something special and very good for you, a new trainer for Call Of Duty Black Ops II, a prestige hack, Call Of Duty Black Ops II Prestige Hack coD Black Ops II Prestice Hack ).Corona: 2011 - on going 115w power supply, can be RGH'd.Corona: 2013 - on going 115w power supply, can be RGH'd.21215 Votes for, yes, working AS OF : Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a war being another FPS game, the ninth installment of the most popular game series of this type.8.Have a Good Game!But it needs a flashed DVD drive which is in itself isn't really achieved with software.You'll have to dump your DVD key usb safely remove licence key so refer to the flashing section to dump your key.Now connect the cables from the Xkey to the DVD drive.
Slim 360's are hackable but require either a replacement PCB (expensive a small hardware hack or a risky hack that involves drilling into the controller chip.