worms war 1 game

Can you become the biggest slithering snake out there?
Rules are easy to follow: - Eat slither mass to grow freakishly fast and stay alive out there!
Fully optimized game-play with 3 different on-screen joystick to control your slithering worm.
Remember that you start as a little snake, other slither worms are crawling around looking for food to eat to get longer.It is 100 free to play and it will always be!Sneak in front of other snakes to kill them and eat their bright dots.3 different joysticks to control your slither worm!Download Slither Snake War".Highly addictive and challenging action game.Crawl and get sneaky, become the biggest glow worm, eat light dots and keep your slither snake alive as long as you can.How good your slither skills are?Try to be sneaky, crawl in front of larger slithers to defeat them!In this game you are a snake instead of an agar and the goal is to become the biggest and longest slither worm in the game.So, everyone has equal chance even if they are little slithering worms.We really appreciate your reviews, so please feel free to get in touch with us by submitting a quick review with your thoughts or suggestions about the game.But if you get other worms run into your body, then they will explode and you can eat their light dots to grow very fast!Lower lag on multiplayer mode!Note that its possible to cross ways with your own body, without dying.Can you survive long enough to be the biggest slither?Game features: - Lowest lag in multi-player mode.No performance issues on all tested devices!Don't run into other players or the map margins or you'll become food for worms instantly.Slither Snake War is an addictive action mobile game that combines the classic game of snake with new elements.Now you can play slither worm war even if you are offline, or in multiplayer mode when you are connected to the internet.