world news headlines september 2012

The leaders narrowed some differences on Social Security and tax rates for the wealthy, but faced intense pressure from their bases to resist certain compromises.
Falling just short of the Top 10 was the resignation of David Petraeus as CIA director because of an affair he conducted with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.5 Iran resumes sending military equipment to Syria to aid the government in its fight against the opposition.17 June edit June 5 6 The century's second and last solar transit of Venus occurs.1, followed by Japan's earthquake/tsunami disaster, and the Arab Spring uprisings that rocked North Africa and the Middle East.16 May 22 Tokyo Skytree, the tallest self-supporting tower in the world at 634 metres high, is opened to the public.Image copyright Getty Images, suggestions that the need for an need for an eight-hour sleep could be a myth captured the attention of readers.1934 ) December 30 Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian Nobel neurologist (b.Iraq 's airspace to send the supplies.1945 ) March edit March 6 Francisco Xavier do Amaral, 1st President of East Timor (b.Superstorm sandy : Replay 1 of 9 2 of 9 3 of 9 4 of 9 5 of 9 6 of 9 7 of 9 8 of 9 9 of 9, autoplay.1963 ) May 5 Carl Johan Bernadotte (b.After the Newtown tragedy, President Barack Obama and many others, including some staunch gun-rights supporters, said it was time to find ways to rein in gun violence.Monet and Picasso among works stolen from Dutch museum."To chronicle that we conducted the poll again before releasing both results.".Protests even spread.Organisers had mistakenly downloaded the parody from the internet and, as Kazakhstan's coach pointed out, had also got the Serbian anthem wrong.
"You can send me Robin if you wish", said the officer responsible for investigating the car's invalid number plates.