word 2013 equation editor

In Word when i try to use the equation editor my Word crashes and i must reopen.
First, to illustrate game petualangan s60v3 320x240 the process, here's how you game plants vs zombies jar touchscreen make a basic equation array using VBA: Insert a new-style equation in your document.
For what it's worth, -J.The tells Word that you you are not writing math, just normal text which will then allow you to change the font at will. .Building Block (see also, greg Maxey's page ).That bigcap takes up vertical space, which is added to the second row to push it down below the first row.Hit CtlG or click in the "Immediate" pane.Unicode Tech Note.Linear format equations and Math AutoCorrect in Word.Enter following line and hit Enter: L1 R1 ChrW( h27e1) 2 " ChrW( h22c2) "L2.Select it (or put the cursor somewhere inside it).Hit AltF11 to open the VBA editor.Now, to add the spacing: Do steps 1-4 above.Word crashes when trying to insert an equation.The short answer is you need to buy a new font. .Explanation : The (ChrW( h27e1) 2 " ChrW( h22c2) is a phantom (ChrW( h27e1) that does not appear and has zero width (2 and that is the same height as a bigcap (ChrW( h22c2).If you need vertical space elsewhere, you can copy and paste the phantom (2 ) into your equation and press Space to build.In PowerPoint the equation editor also doesn't work as it should but the PowerPoint doesn't crash, also i can see the equations (in Word i can't see the equations) but they look as if the encoding is not correct or something.Anyway, the default font is a drop down box and it will have alternates after some improvements are made by the developing team.
I am experiencing a problem with the equation editor in Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 (also Excel).
Double-click the equation you want to edit, and the equation editor will open automatically.