windows 7 new user logging off

I have tried adding the users to the administrators group both on the domain and local but htis doesn't afro samurai episode 3 help.
I have no evidence to support that at this time: except that nearly every PC problem i've ever seen is related to anti-virus/security products in some way.
My first hypothesis is that there is a misbehaving program that is set to run on login.It should be working now.then immediately logs out - back to the user/password screen.Exe file in System32 (as suggested by many users for Windows XP but it's the same version as a working system.2) Try to get the same model with the same configuration as your Notebook or PC ( Ms office and etc).5) Export the NTWinlogon and name it differently say, "g" onto the "good".Edit, i created a new user, and it could log in no problems.This is as a precaution act to protect in case you make mistake.Again, so far great.I get all the settings, GPOs applied, folders redirect and all is happy.7) After importing, you may restart and try logon using Administrator in the "Bad".1) Backup your HD onto another HD using Clone software by todobackup by Easeus.11) re-login as your username in this case, "ABC".I tried the userinit, and other stuff with no luck - again a newly created profile will work just fine, safe mode, safe with networking.9) Logoff as Administrator, and re-login as the Domain username in the "Bad" PC in this case "ABC".I set up a brand new PC running windows 7, added it to the domain and i still cant logon so re-installing windows isn't an option.Here is my case, i have a windows 2008 R2 domain controller, client systems run windows 7 pro.His profile folder is now C:Userstemp, and his old folder is still accessible but in the wrong location.Make sure you are able to ping or logon Remotely to the "bad" pC using Administrator from "good".