walking dead game soundtrack

800 193 Leading 6:19 714 Maggie, Sasha and Enid train the Hilltop residents; Jesus gives Sasha a map of the Sanctuary; Rosita arrives at the Hilltop.
1 was released on March 17, 2013 by the record label Universal Republic Records.
161 90 Carl's Theme (II) 0:36 212 A version of Carl's Theme used in the end credits.
541 129 Spencer's Plan 2:37 607 Spencer tries to get over the wall; he is rescued by Rick, Tara, Morgan and Tobin.615 8 The Day Has Come 1:31 701 The Saviors leave the clearing.19 4 Rick's Despair 2:26 101 Rick returns home to find his wife and son missing.623 16 Halfway Free 1:05 702 Morgan and the group leave pig feeding area.20 5 Morgan 0:25 101 A man points a gun at Rick, demanding to know what his injury.225 51 You Made It 0:25 306 Out on a run, Glenn and Maggie are found by Merle.475 63 Let's Talk 1:02 604 Morgan finds a cabin and is knocked out by the owner.735 128 Cleared Out 1:07 709 Gabriel hurriedly raids Alexandria's pantry and armory.1,053 "Two Sides" 4:59 205 Kenny and Jane fight.108 37 Putting Away The Badge 1:50 204 Lori watches as Rick puts away his sheriff's badge.417 5 The Hair Game 2:48 601 Eugene meets Heath, who arrives back from a run.293 119 Fulfilling The Deal 0:46 315 Merle takes Michonne to the tombs, before knocking her out.305 131 Another Way 1:17 316 Andrea tells Milton how she had a chance to kill The Governor, but didn't take.143 72 I Ain't Like That 0:57 211 Daryl interrogates Randall.446 34 Quick Or Slow 2:29 602 Morgan squares off with a Wolves member who is then killed by Carol.784 177 What Happens Next (II) 1:07 712 Rick and Michonne talk; the Junkyard group take the scavenged guns.681 74 Oceanside (I) 5:13 706 rk bansal fluid mechanics book Tara discovers the Oceanside community hidden in the woods.65 3 Episode.01: "Days Gone Bye" 17:49 101 This is a compilation of all of the music played during Episode.519 107 Saviors (I) 3:45 606 Daryl hides as a group of armed men search the woods for Dwight and his group.
17 2 The Hospital (I) 1:37 101 Rick explores the abandoned mayoi neko overrun episode 12 sub indo hospital.
555 143 Step Aside 1:27 608 Morgan refuses to let Carol kill the wolf; Morgan knocks Carol out; the Wolf knocks Morgan out.