visual studio dot net 2005

Any value type can be the underlying type of a nullable type.
For example, if the DataSet has a foreign key defining a master-detail relationship between two tables, the details table will be visible as a child node of the master table.
As with other visual designers in Visual Studio 2005, changes made visually are reflected in the code, and vice versa.
It accomplishes this by providing the following powerful features.Positioning the Toolbox over a specific guide causes the guide to highlight and a blue shaded region to appear, denoting the destination of the Toolbox if you release the mouse button.Net Provider Installer was designed as a GUI-based utility that is able to install the.Net Framework.0 Training Kit pack includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos.Properties are key/value pairs for fields such as output path and assembly name.For example, if you want to ensure that you are accessing a Framework member you can use the alias global with the qualifier :, for example, global:llections.Visual studio Project Converter - Programming/Other.Starting a test windows 7 iso file to usb on the selected methods The results of the unit test appear in the Test Results window.C#.0 supports the creation of "closures" where anonymous methods access surrounding local variables and parameters.Contents, introduction, c# Language Enhancements, visual Basic Language Enhancements, productivity Enhancements.This caused a Create Strong Name Key dialog box to appear.