unity web player 2.6

Back up your project folders before opening them with.6 just in case.
And that was all done thanks to Unity.
Audio paused properly when player or editor loses focus (and Run In Background is off).Editor Undo performance is better when undoing actions with lots of objects.Fixed crashbug when serializing Animation Curve inside of Serializable class array.Fixed F to focus when using Terrain tree placement tool.Textures created from scripts at runtime do not need this flag, they are readable automatically.The Development one includes Profiler support and is installed with the Editor as well as being available for download seperately.Ray Snapping improved: If pivot mode is set to center, the object gets placed so the bounding volume is resting on the snapped position.Fixed icon drawing in long (multi column) asset popup menus on Windows XP Fixed some Mono configuration being wrong in Windows Editor (e.g.Image Effects behaviour with multiple layered cameras has forty studies that changed psychology 7th edition pdf changed.Shift-comma Shift-dot cycles through the selected detail.Fixed issues with projects located on FAT32 filesystems on Mac.Allows to discard changes and show history for asset in Inspector.This speeds up downloading large projects from the Asset Server significantly, especially if the project consists of a lot of small assets.Added floating point render texture support (4 channel 16 bit floating point).Fixed rendering order issues when shadows and different opaque Render Queues are used (hi TigerWoods Online!).Unity now only requires files in the Assets directory to be readable by the current user, directories must by readable, writable and executable and files outside the Assets directory should be readable and writable by the current user.
Unity will now ask to rebuild the project if the project library data are corrupt beyond repair.