unicomp classic 104 keyboard

Ive been using it for several weeks now, and every time I lay my fingers on it Im 20 years old in the laptop phone support call center of Digital Equipment Corporation, only without the deep and unending despair.
The Look (Pre-Customization Its right there in the name, isnt it?
Customization Options: All the pretty keyboard keys are made for Cherry MX or Topre switches.Its almost too fancy a term to describe whats going on here.In 1991, IBM divested a number of its hardware operations, including printers and keyboards, to an investment firm that would go on to form Lexmark.You could type on them for three decades and theyd never fade.Log In, email Address: Password: Forgot your password?Classic 104 Black Buckling Spring USB Keyboard.The Ultra Classic is a slightly slimmed-down take on the original IBM Model M, trimming the plastic from the top of the board to create a sleeker, lighter unit.Its a simple and durable design, built to last and able to withstand even the most ravenous over-keyboard eater.You couldnt load Windows pga tour 2013 hawaii 10 on a hard drive made three decades ago.Pressing a key buckles the spring, causing the keyboard to register a keystroke.Its particularly loud keys demanded game iron man 2 respect, and the tactile feedback (and pushback) made frequent typing much less of a chore.Product Announcement, to order a 103 keyboard purchase a 104 keyboard and order a "customization fee" and tell us you want a 103 key configuration.