ubuntu mail client exchange 2010

By looking at your mio maps 2013 chomikuj question, I'm quite unsure whether you exactly need Exchange itself or if it's just POP/imap which would be fine.
You can also install other plugins that may pop up in the list, but none are required.It also supports all of the major email protocols, so you shouldnt have any issues with getting started with KMail.Thunderbird is the most common email client for practically any operating system.Install and configure Postfix.Ive broken it down to several pages.However, Claws Mail does allow for plugins which can be installed via available packages and loaded via Configurations Plugins.Developed by Mozilla, Thunderbird hasnt actually seen any recent major updates because Mozilla has shifted most of its development efforts to Firefox.Now coming back to Exchange configuration; I've not tested it completely but.However, Id easily recommend any of these email clients.If you dont already have KMail or other KDE PIM applications installed, itll be really hard if not impossible to get KMail on your system.Email configuration is pretty straightforward too.KMail, similarly to Evolution, is the default email client for the.Having an enterprise (read expensive) spam and anti virus was not an option for him.Installing the client is pretty straightforward and available to install in official repo's ( but I would still recommend to add your Ubuntu version when posting a question which will help us to assist better ).While Thunderbird is simply a respectable email client with its base features, it really flourishes once you add some extensions.Basic Linux Code Editor: Eclipse and Geany Compared Next PostWPS game iron man 2 Office For Linux Looks As Good As MS Office, Performs Even Better Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf.Evolutions settings, by way of contrast, apply to all mail accounts which is an issue if you want, say, one accounts replies be written at the bottom instead of the top.Do you use webmail or an email client?Conclusion, my ultimate winner is Thunderbird mainly for its large user base and an extensions system that give it all sorts of extra features.Claws Mail is an email client found corel draw 14 setup as the default in a number of lightweight distributions.