turok dinosaur hunter full pc game

The good news is that, judging from a 90 completed version, Turok is an astounding game.
The fog effects create a realistic environment, red alert 2 overkill and the lighting and lens flare are worthy of appreciation.
You begin with all the usual guff (knife, bow, pistol, shotgun etc.) but then move on to some truly brilliant devices including a Nuke Launcher, Particle Cannon and Eraser Gun.In Turok, you'll find yourself up against some of the biggest and meanest Bosses this side of the Nintendo.One useful touch is the ability to bring the map on-screen -super-imposed upon the live action -which is pretty much mandatory in some of the later levels.It then bolts for the nearest mile-high tree, before disappearing into the distance with shrieks of alarm.So far Turok has attained scores of 95 and even 97, but this is a lie - it is nothing like as inventive as Mario 64 and those who claim it is simply haven't played it through.Watch out for dangers all around you - the natives are restless, the dinosaurs are hungry, and the bosses, well, they'll make you wish you were playing Ecco the Dolphininstead.Originally scheduled to be released at the system s launch back in September, Acclaim decided that they wanted quality instead of rushing a game out that was substandard.Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter ( ang.Otherwise, my knife (Old Faithful, I call it) was very handy in fighting up close or when enemies were just too small to waste a grenade.The enemies Turok faces throughout the levels are not just made up of dinosaurs.The biggest thing you'll see up until the final level is a raptor - big deal!
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