turn off anti aliasing mac os x

On the Mac, bitmap ghost 3.5 lb connector review font families were usually collected in a single suitcase file.
Whereas bitmap letterforms are like Photoshop images, outline letterforms are like Illustrator EPS files.
For example, given the above sizes of Times, if you asked for Times 48, the Mac would use Times 24 and double the size of every pixel.
You can setup your grid lines to every one pixel and use snap to draw the shape right at the edges of the pixels.In fact, you couldnt even display Postscript fonts on-screen at all without Adobes ATM software.Bitmap fonts did not look so good on laser printed output they looked jagged and pixelated.Bitmap fonts, by definition, were designed to look good on-screen without anti-aliasing.Because the main problem isnt that Safari always anti-aliases Monaco 9 and 10, but rather that Safari always uses the outline version of Monaco, and never the bitmaps.Its an outline font, intended from the start to be anti-aliased for on-screen display.Thats pretty much what a bitmap font.Geneva Convention Redux Lastly, in my previous article I pointed out that Camino prefers bitmap fonts not only for monospaced fonts (like Monaco but also for any old-school bitmap Mac font, such as Geneva easy windows 7 password reset or Times.If Safari simply turned off anti-aliasing for Monaco, but still used the outline version of the font, the results would be awful.The entire size and spacing of the font is different.But thats beside the point, because it will not solve this particular problem.Jason Kottkes Silkscreen is a very small bitmap font, intended to be used at a size of exactly 8 pixels.You can: Turn off text smoothing for font sizes (click pop up menu) and smaller.