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The properties of the universe appear to have been precisely tuned for life.
This potential synthesis of the scientific and spiritual worldviews is assumed by many in modern times to be an impossibility, rather like trying to force the two poles of a magnet together into the same spot.
Reasonable people conclude that they are forced to choose between these two unappetizing extremes, neither of which offers much comfort.Some will assume that this must have come about by rigorous religious upbringing, deeply instilled by family and culture, and thus inescapable in later life.I answer with a resounding yes!Science is the only reliable way to understand the natural world, and its tools when properly utilized can generate profound insights into material existence.This book aims to dispel that notion, by arguing that belief in God can be an entirely rational choice, and that the principles of faith are, in fact, complementary with the principles of science.He didn't avg 9.0 edition full really have an answer, but determined that he should confirm his atheism by studying the best arguments for faith.Another section of "The Language of God" focuses on 'The Moral Law Argument.' Moral Law is very important for Collins: "After twenty-eight years as a believer, the Moral Law stands out for me as the strongest signpost of God" (p. .Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.Was I tempted to scowl or look at the floor in embarrassment?Others decide to accept the value of both science and spirit, but compartmentalize these parts of their spiritual and material existence to avoid any uneasiness about apparent conflicts.Moral Law is an argument for the existence of a God.In my view, there is no conflict in being a rigorous scientist and a person who believes in a God who takes a personal interest in each one.So perhaps the "battle" between science and religion is not as polarized as it seems?Humans are unique in ways that defy evolutionary explanations and point to our spiritual nature.
The Moral Law includes altruism which is more than just reciprocity You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.