stick figure rpg game

Download and play the game here.
With the bus depot and furniture store now open you can travel to other cities and furnish your apartment.Steal a car, run for president, but keep in mind - each life decision affects, or is affected by, your Karma.If your computer is newer, select Ultra.We are still working on a few things such as the intro and final victory screens which we will continue to make while the alpha runs.Welcome to Stick RPG, XGenStudios first foray into the world of flash game development.If the game is running very well, try setting graphical settings to Ultra in the options.Right from the get-go, you're beset with a multitude of alternatives; what statistics to concentrate on, where to find employment, shiver maggie stiefvater pdf ita and whether to abide by the law or to spit in its face!I : Open Inventory.Some NPCs will only fight you if you meet strength requirements.This life sim is reminiscent of 'Jones in the Fast Lane' - but the lane is so much faster, and the life, so much.We would appreciate any feedback as the game will continue to be polished, balanced and fixed with your feedback.Objective: Explore the world, improve yourself, become rich or collect the mysterious inter-dimensional items!Shift : Hold to Run or Use Skateboard (once acquired).If you have an android device you can play it now.Controls, arrow Keys (or wasd) : Move your character.Select options and drag the graphical slider down to Low.C : Open Character Info.
Stick RPG Complete; The full version of an XGenStudios' cult classic.