steinberg wavelab essential 6

The selection can be enlarged, reduced or just moved over the audio material (known as sliding).
File formats, waveLab Essential 6 supports major audio file formats like WAV, aiff, SD II, webex recording editor cnet AU, MP3, MP2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.All editing tasks and actions are either processed in real-time or rendered into the audio material.Wenn Sie ein WaveLab Update nach dem Patch anwenden, wird der neue aspi Treiber ├╝berschrieben.No other audio editing software offers such a complete set of CD mastering features in this price range.WaveLab Essential 6 Dokumentation).WaveLab Essential.0.1 Update.Superior audio processors, video track for sample accurate alignment of audio and video.It can be used over an existing installation.WaveLab Essential 6 supports the complete podcast standard RSS.0 specification.This update isn't officially supported because version.1.1 hasn't been fully tested.Das Update kann auch auf eine bereits vorhandene Installation von WaveLab Essential 6 angewendet werden.The patch should always be applied *after* any WaveLab 6 patch.No other single software tool can match the WaveLab Essential 6 feature set in its price range.CD Mastering, cD Mastering is more than just squeezing maximum loudness out of music tracks and putting these into the right order for creating.The DeNoiser and DeClicker plug-ins are excellent real-time tools for audio restoration while Crystal Resampler is professional sample rate converter providing exceptional transparency and preservation of the frequency content up to 192 kHz.WaveLab Studio 6 Documentation.
Eine originale Installations-CD wird nicht ben├Âtigt.