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However, many will get lower amounts because they 'contracted out' las vegas sign font of the second-tier state pension during their working lives, or new oxford annotated bible pdf interrupted National Insurance contributions to bring up children or become self-employed.
Pensions minister Steve Webb said: 'We are making sure people have the resources and support they need ahead of the new freedoms in April, so they can take the time to plan how to best use their pension saving for a secure retirement.
It means around six million people, in their 40s, will need to wait or work longer than anticipated to receive their state pension.Our calculator is built around these most recently published Government proposals which are due to be passed into law this Summer (2011).The current two-tier state pension system is being overhauled from April 2016 and will be entirely replaced for those retiring after April 2021 by a flat pension of between 144 and 155 a week (see below).He also said that the state pension age should not increase more than one year in any ten year period, assuming that there are no exceptional changes to the data used.To get a statement, call, go to /state-pension-statement, or write to The Pension Service 9, Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 1LU, What is the new state pension?What you were doing?State Pension Age Calculator - Check your State Pension Age according to the most recent Government regulations.Age UKs charity director Caroline Abrahams said: 'Many older people rely on the state pension and so todays announcement that anyone over the age of 55 can now get a free statement of their likely entitlement to the new state pension is very welcome.Elsewhere on, help us improve, dont include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.The Act puts into law changes to the State Pension age timetable.All three main political parties are pledged to maintaining the triple lock system.Current plans, the state pension age is currently 65 for men and 64 for women.Over-55s have been impatient for the forecast service to be extended to them, because sweeping new pension freedoms are due to become available to everyone in this age group from April onwards.What would you like to report?Another recent report, by the Government Actuary's Department, outlined in more detail how ages would rise depending on increases in lifespans.From April 2016, women's State Pension age will rise faster than originally planned, equalising with men's at 65 by November 2018.
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A worst case scenario would see today's 20-year-olds working to 75 Credit: howard Mcwilliam.