star trek bridge commanders mods

Photon and Quantum Torp Upgrades Photon and Quantum Torpedo Upgrades, Included is a set of federation quantum and photon replacements that improve their accuracy and launch speed only.
Asia Class Model This is a model only and so is for hardpointers only!
Declaration Class Pack A Pre-TOS ( ) pack showing the evolution of the Declaration Class ship.
Armada USS Premonition This is the USS Enterprise H - Premonition class, based in the ship used in Star Trek Armada.Vor'Cha Pack Six Vor' Cha subclasses for your delight.Simply drop it in your hp directory after installing the Furious and you will have the fix.United Vulcan Empire SX Mars Vulcan Galaxy Class Here is the my little mod I am putting together it is the Alternative Mirror Universe, Where the Terrian Empire lost to the Vulcans and the United Vulcan Empire rules.Kiska Head Mod Here are two retexture modifications that will replace the stock version of Ensign Kiska on the bridge, the first retexture will change her into a human with dark hair while the second version is a Bajoran just like the stock version.It comes in PSD format.New Torpedo's STR's Stock Torpedo Improvement Pack Published by Desert Storm Sandtrooper.Captain On The Bridge (0.1) This is a basic mod for.This may seem fast however, when operating low-warp vehicles such as the pre-NX ships of the early 22ed century, you might want to go make a cup of coffee while making the trip.Transport marines from the nearby Starbase and set course for Alioth.X303 Prometheus Mod This is the X-303 from Sargate-Sg1, otherwise known as Prometheus.So the modded movie will be "replaced this mod will kick in and run for 10 seco istopmotion 3 trial mac Echo Papa 607 Heavy Weapons System (1.0) Here is something unexpected, straight from TNG's 1st season episode "Arsenal of Freedom".Kobayashi Maru Special Edition Vol.1 CD Image.If you want to have Warp, please install afterwards Moonrakerwarp1.0.bcmod.