schaum outline of macroeconomics pdf

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Essentials of Econometrics by Gujarati, first 11 chapters.
The subjects that students are expected to be well versed with are: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics (and some Econometrics which came by surprise in the last 2009-10 paper) and Mathematics.Make sure that you follow up these concepts by practicing questions in Workbook.Please note that the comments are approved before being posted on the website so please dont post your comments multiple times.Teachers are aware of the common mistakes that students commit and therefore, if you commit a mistake in a question, chances are that the wrong option will be present among the four options.This book deals the subject in the way asked in DSE entrance.Both are necessary to get the concepts clear.Frankly, I dont think any amount of hard-work can assure that you will be able to attempt the questions that come in the entrance.The entrance will surely have a set of questions on a macroeconomic model.Thus, it is necessary that you constantly ask yourself why you are following the procedure outlined through different parts in a question in the workbook and where you are headed.Thus, most of the times, it will be asking you about complement, substitutes, quasilinear etc.For queries regarding eligibility, syllabus etc., please see DSE website here.Last year, there were 3-4 questions from Econometrics.Differentiation makes solving these models a lot easier and direct.So, if you are not strong in Maths, recommendation would be that you focus on Micro, Macro and Stats instead.It contains theoretical (fairly advanced) question relating to Functions, Matrices, Metric Spaces, Real Analysis etc etc.Chiang and, further Mathematics for Economic Analysis by Sydsaeter and Hammond.You have to get hold of how to solve for substitutes, complements and quasilinear preferences.The primary references for the same are Fundamental.So, if you do not wish to take chances, you may decide to do it as well.