rock holdem manager 2

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Holdem Manager Table Scanner (perfect for getting assistance finding the most profitable tables Table Ninja (a suite of invaluable tools for multi-tablers Leak Buster (which assists cash game players in michael connelly the drop ebook finding leaks to improve on NoteCaddy (for adding useful information to your HUD SitNGo Wizard.Increase your win rate as Hold'em Manager provides you with the fundamental elsword k ching hack edge needed to move up limits online.It more than pays for itself.The big blinds shown on the chart are effective big blinds. .The workaround is to utilize virtual machine software such as VMware Fusion, Bootcamp, or Parallels in a Windows environment. .It's well put together, stable, fully featured, and burn paula weston epub constantly being updated with more features.The rofl chart is another useful popup recently added.While this should help many players, it isn't a magical system that will all of a sudden help you dominate heads-up sit and gos. .February, 28, 2015, i had a couple of questions, if I am grateful to answer :.I love the additional add-ons like NoteCaddy and everything is very easy to use.You will be using HM2 to a huge advantage in no time, as it provides real-time data helping you with every single decision on the tables.For those already utilizing Holdem Manager 1, the upgrade to Holdem Manager 2 costs.19 for the Small-Stakes Version,.29 for the Holdem or Omaha Pro Version, and 100.49 for the Holdem and Omaha Pro Version.There is also a similar license for those who play smaller-stakes Omaha games.Heyguy's Review of Holdem Manager.First, a Small-Stakes Version imports hands up.25-0.50 No Limit or Pot Limit Hold'em,.50-1 Limit Hold'em, and up to 22 buy-in tournaments and sit and gos. .Another option instead of Hold'em Manager 2 is the new HM Cloud, which is in Alpha testing. .