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His family told me he acquired the lathe sometime in the early 1940s from the government. .
8187-Y, Tool room lathe, 150550, 5/15/1944, 16" with 2-1/2" risers, Marty Shubert at Leblond says the lathe was shipped to the New Zealand supply mission by the U S marines may 15 1944, stamped.A.N.
Seems in good shape and came with just about all available accessories.
CL370-RD, 12-speed HMD Bench Lathe, flame hardened ways 40810K,?/?/?, 10K x 4 1/2 Model A, Catalog.10475R 10500R, 10524RKL15, 10L x?Under special electrical equipment it says: #CH 6102 EMF resistance panel (presumably that's a braking resistor?) On the ways before the serial number is "rasc" and underneath that "7361".Of 1928 to a hardware outfit in Spokane.152591, 9" x 3-1/2 Workshop Model 9B, Catalog.CL8187-AB 110V single phase underdrive sits on the factory square steel cabinet (looks like a desk).107600, 107700, 107,760, 3/20/1941, 9" x?8113-C, UMD Tool room lathe, stamped.C.C.14000K 14092KKX, 4/8/1969, 10K x 4 CL370-AD, with factory variable speed drive, UMD Metal Cabinet Floor Lathe, Flame Hardened Bed, Shipped to Lakeland Machine Tool in Cold Spring,.South bend's first plant in 1906 was on Johnson.1938 77000, 78000, 79300, 79301, 9/16/1938, 11 x 5, R Series Catalog.30730KAX, 7/21/1972, 10K x 4-1/2 Model A, Catalog.644-Z, 12-speed HMD bench lathe, 1/2HP; 220V/3PH/60HZ, 1725 RPM.01370-AD, UMD 12900K 12971K 12995KKR7, 10K, 1968 13145K 13279KAR8, 3/19/1968, 10K x 3-1/2, Model A, Catalog 670-Z, 12-speed HMD Bench Lathe, Shipped to: Stephenson Machinery Company in Kenilworth, NJ, It came w/ 3 jaw chuck, 6 jaw chuck, L/R/C tool holders, boring bar, thread dial.Completely stripped down restored in 2006/2007 Very good condition.94713, 10L x 3 Catalog.34, SCG with power feeds lathe rescued from a scrap dealer in Eastern Ontario.Stamped with US Navy markings.