quietest cpu fan 2014

I spent a few hours this past weekend experimenting with two things: a new veeam backup keygen 6.5 evga GTX460 1GB video card, and fans on my media production machine.
We'll log the kaspersky antivirus internet security 2012 key CPU temperature to illustrate the PC's activity.
You can see that our 12V load is pretty much the same, as it should be as we're running all of the same benchmarks on the same hardware, and we see the fan once again fluctuating between 250 and 650 RPM.
The one and only fan to vent the hot air from the case (the Lian Li case has two front intake fans) was a 120mm 1200 RPM Scythe fan, clocking in.1 dB in volume.However, I was really displeased with how noisy the system was.So, what do you think?You wouldn't want to push it to that level and leave it there of course, but the point is, Intel built it to take that heat without damage.He wishes the rest of the world valued quite computers as much as he does.By using an analog to digital bridge, we can monitor the 12V load on the PSU and the fan RPM.The fan stays off longer, at first, and for the next six minutes, the fan switches from off to spinning 690 RPM.And here we can see that with a completely different platform comes completely different results.First,.1 Ghz overclocked CPU (which was also voltage overclocked.425 volts) would start to down-clock itself when it hit 95 Celsius.Because the RM series power supplies are not digital, the monitoring capabilities are limited compared to that of the AXi series.The RM850 doesn't seem to be too different than the RM750 in terms of fan speed.Even if you have a killer graphics card installed just for the occasional game and the PSU is 3 more efficient at 50 load than at 10 or 20 load, you're not going to see much of an ROI buying a larger PSU if less.
In this Core i7 wwe game for pc 2013 system, I had a 120mm 1300 RPM Scythe fan on the CPU cooler, and it was.5 dB in volume.