pro e creo tutorial

For the moon phase 2012 september Default Model and select M Select Browse.
(Move the Drawing View dialog box if necessary to see the changes) Create a cross-section of the new view we just created Select the Sections category in the Drawing View dialog box.
This can include determining visible areas, scaling, defining cross-sections, showing the model in various states, and aligning and setting the view origins.With decreasing values of relative accuracy Pro/E and Creo is able to recalculate the smallest details - it is possible to identify small entities and smaller gaps.Select the note and press and hold Right Mouse button and select Edit Value from the pull down.With the new view still selected, press and hold the right mouse button and select Properties.File, Close Window to return to BOX.Select the two edges as shown below to create ordinate dimensions.Harrisburg, PA 17111 USA Phone 717.571.9861.Press and hold the Right Mouse Button and select Cleanup BOM Balloons.Our New Phone Number.Click OK from the New Drawing dialog box. .Note: The configuration option accuracy_lower_bound can be used to reduce the permissible range for relative accuracy.Uses simple examples with step-by-step tutorials.
Extract the zip file to a location on your hard drive.
Place the cursor to the right of the view and click the Middle Mouse Button to place the dimensions.