mpcs cs 1.6 hacks

This got me even more worried and so I restored my PC swamy handbook for central government staff 2012 to the nearest restore point before this incident.
I was playing with a friend and a guy got mad.
My friend kicked him and started the game.
While in the game, I lost control of my PC and (I'm guessing it was the same guy) was typing in chat on.I quickly unplugged my Ethernet cable and turned off my PC, before turning it back on and running scans.After a while, he began typing to my friend again through steam chat this time (outside of the game).I plugged my Ethernet cable back in once the scans had been completed - although they found nothing - and everything seemed fine.And how on earth did this guy even manage to do it!?He then gained access to our lobby after the game despite not being on our friends list.What steps should final fantasy 7 before crisis game I take to make sure everything is fine and to make sure this doesn't happen again?Is it possible for someone to hack your PC through CS: GO?I have Avast running and Windows firewall, but they didn't pick up the intrusion.Malwarebytes also came up with nothing.Everything appears to be fine now, home of the brave book but I'm still worried.Is there anything else that can help?I was playing with a friend and a guy got mad."But the truth is, I'm hoping to settle down here and raise a family.