medieval 2 total war units addon mod v1.0

Replaced North American Aztec rebels with North American Apachean units from the Americas Campaign.
Minors changes to recruit priority offset.
Included Venetian Archers and Retinue Longbowmen armor upgrade fixes.This happens only occasionally, and randomly, however.Retrofit V1, alternate download, old links: version.0 full installer - download link.Join the Team; Latest News.Updated unit banner corrections.Incorporated various adjustments from the Kingdoms.5 patch, namely: Included new Kingdoms unit shield value balance adjustments.Sega and the Creative Assembly do not endorse or support this Mod.Here: Campaign Map: Third Age: Total War is a Medieval II: army or if you count on masses of units to overrun.The Author (and for the avoidance of doubt sega and The Creative Assembly) will not be held responsible for the risks connected with any loss (financial or otherwise damage to property, lost data, console, computer or handheld device failure, errors and lost business or other.This mod is not for commercial use.James recruited at Knights of Santiago Headquarters, unique unit - Trecenezago retextured and renamed Dismounted Halbbruder, recruited at Knights of Santiago Major Chapterhouse - Mangonels England: - Pikemen - Musketeers requires gunpowder discovery - Late Crossbowmen (Crossbowmen from Americas campaign, renamed to avoid confusion with.Install Medieval II and Kingdoms.Occasionally a unit's description does not appear on it's in-game unit ID card when you right click on the unit while in battle-map mode.
Download Links : New links dated 5th October 2011, thanks to dannyyxx30: Guam.
Added the following event movies from Crusades campaign: Greak Mosque, Capture Jerusalem, and Declare Jihad movies.