mechcommander 2 save game

Beam Spam : A viable tactic, especially with Large X Pulse Lasers.
Players of the Desperate Measures expansion for the original game will remember unfondly their encounters with the Alacorn Mark VII's triple Gauss rifles.
Mighty Glacier : Heavy and Assault Mechs in general tend to qualify, but especially prominent with the Inner Sphere Atlas and Clan Turkina.
I Sha Yu Liao Inner Sphere Medium x 3 112/176 28 46,850 Intermediate Starslayer Liao Inner Sphere Medium x 3 112/240 42 64,450 None Men Shen Liao Inner Sphere Medium 55 97 N/A 6 x 2 80/272 29 57,500 Advanced, ECM.If you keep wondering why your 30-ton scout is in the enemy's face, while your two Bushwackers, who actually have armor, stand back and shoot from a distance, this is why.Notable instances include Major Piotrev's command star in the first game (four JagerMechs and his Awesome and the Liao Palace Guards (several Catapults loaded with Swarm LRMs and Lao Hu s, with the captain in the Cyclops ).The main evidence comes from a unique enemy 'Mech late in the game that has a weapons loadout that exceeds its heat limit.As this limits the damage to the armor and weapons elsewhere, it's perfect if you plan on salvaging it afterwards.You will pay the price.But if you can salvage.Took a Level in Badass : A crappy rookie pilot from the first game, callsign "Rooster foxit phantom pdf printer returns near the end of the second game as an elite MechWarrior.Suffice to say, for a mercenary commander, you get to do quite a bit of good for the people of Carver.I tried three different GeForce 256 machines and couldn't get it to run on any of them.The exact phrase is said in the intro for the first game.Failed a Spot Check : The Raven pilot in the opening cinematic of MechCommander 1 declares that he "thinks" the area is clear of enemy Mechs.You're supposed to run from it (or take note of all the fuel tanks it's running past or exploit its reliance on long-ranged weapons that cannot fire up close).Non-Entity General : In both games, but particularly noteworthy in the second game, where you are always referred to as "Commander" or "Sang-wei" (Captain).Railgun -equipped, vulture in the former and bandit captain Vong's.Space (X x Y armor (Min/Max heat Limit (No HS c-Bills (Prime Variant).And since each mech persists from mission to mission, a premium is placed on keeping them in top condition.Jump Jets - Each BattleMech is either able to equip Jump Jets or it isn't, and the Jump Distance is the same for all of the ones that can.
When you get it at Regular, it lets the pilot differentiate between vehicles and Mechs.