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Similiar to suggestions often given when attempting a difficult task, such as keeping to a diet or a daily exercise routine, the learners should reward themselves for their successes, no matter how small, and should not be too hard on their failures.
Jigsaw tasks work on a similar basis.
Heres a quick overview of the lesson structure Im suggesting: 5-10 minutes warmer 5 sparklebox number lines 1-100 minutes vocabulary eliciting 5-10 minutes setting up the task and thinking individually 5-10 minutes pairwork on the task 10 wow classic client deutsch minutes groups of 4 and 5 exchange ideas and prepare their arguments.
Audio Visual Allan, Margaret.This is packed with good ideas for fluency activities and also has a good introduction with sound advice on how to organize an effective fluency class.However, many times the motivation exists and the teacher has good command of the various techniques, but the students simply do not know how to go about learning the language.Think carefully about your instructions before you issue them.A good example of this type of task is Detective Work in Hadfields Intermediate Communication Games.The Internet tesl Journal, Vol.Ellis, Gail, and Barbara Sinclair.Clearly, some of them have decided to sit back as its an easier option.Or both sides could simply agree to disagree.Many things are restated when speaking and with a certain amount of guessing, the gist of the conversation can be understood despite the unknown.Some methods may work better for some people allowing them to progress faster, but it is not possible to skip from beginner to fluency without passing through the stages in-between.
Likewise, the only way to become a good English speaker is to practice speaking English.