machine language vs assembly language

Assembly language often offers some additional facilities for defining labels and macros and such, so there are statements in assembly language that don't translate directly into machine language at all; rather they help you structure your assembly program.
The Macro Implementation of snobol4.Use of the term assembly program Missing or empty url ( help ) (John Daintith,.) A Dictionary of Computing: "meta-assembler" a b David Salomon (1993)."neshla: The High Level, Open Source, 6502 Assembler for the Nintendo Entertainment System".13 This allowed a high degree of portability for the time.Many assemblers offer additional mechanisms to facilitate program development, to control the assembly process, and to aid debugging.Most assemblers also include macro facilities for performing textual substitution.g., to generate common short sequences of instructions as inline, instead of called subroutines.For the sparc architecture, these are known as synthetic instructions.In these cases, the most popular one is usually that supplied by the manufacturer and used in its documentation.This is determined by the underlying processor architecture: the assembler merely reflects how this architecture works.The original reason for the use of one-pass assemblers was speed of assembly often a second pass would require rewinding and rereading the program source on tape or rereading a deck of cards or punched paper tape.A0.text : 4027a0: 31 ed xor ebp, ebp 4027a2: 49 89 d1 mov rdx, r9 4027a5: 5e pop rsi 4027a6: 48 89 e2 mov rsp, rdx 4027a9: 48 83 e4 f0 and 0xfffffffffffffff0,rsp 4027ad: 50 push rax 4027ae: 54 push rsp 4027af: 49.This could be used to generate record-style data structures or "unrolled" loops, for example, or could generate entire algorithms based on complex parameters.In an assembler with peephole optimization, addresses may be recalculated between passes to allow replacing pessimistic code with code tailored to the exact distance from the target.Similarly, IBM assemblers for System/360 and System/370 use the extended mnemonics NOP and nopr for BC and BCR with zero masks.Don't get too hung up.Most of them are able to perform jump-instruction replacements (long jumps replaced by short or relative jumps) in any number of passes, on request.The system's portable code can then use these processor-specific components through a uniform interface.System Software: An Introduction to Systems Programming.It looks something like this: (pinched from.