kinesio taping manual pdf

Kinesiology taping has huge benefits for your patients!
If you think this is good, we have a 200 page manual and a full day course Fascial Movement Taping for Medical Professionals based on the obvious, yet largely overlooked, fact that muscles act as a chain.
Softcover,.5 x 11 spiral bound, 107 pages with b/w illustrations.Do you have an injury you want to treat, but youre not sure how apply the tape?Kenzo Kaze, a Japanese chiropractor, invented Kinesio Tape over 30 years ago.Heel, bunion, turf Toe, bACK, sI Joint, low Back.Softcover, 6 x 8, 132 pages with black/white photos.Plantar Fasciitis, peroneal Tendonitis, ball of Foot, top of Foot.A comprehensive introduction outlines the 7 different corrective taping techniques and the 6 basic applications including Y-Strip, I-Strip, X-Strip, fan strip, web strip and donut strip.This is followed by detailed, step-by-step instructions for an extensive list of conditions, organized by body part.For general information about preparing the skin and applying and removing your kinesiology tape, be sure to download our exclusive.Softcover,.5 x 11, Spiral Bound, 172 pages with color photos.Its black and white photographs appear a bit dated, but the information is presented in clear, game warcraft 2 tides darkness simple terms that anyone can understand and follow.How to Apply Kinesiology Tape document.With these resources, anyone can learn how to apply their own k-tape.The free ebook, Power Taping for Common Injuries, demonstrates a small sample of applications.
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As the title indicates, this instruction manual provides in-depth coverage of therapeutic taping for issues related to the lymphatic system.