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John and the Nite Trippers.
However, scheduling conflicts, added to ebook in txt format John Lennon reacting badly, lead to the idea being discarded.
Casting Many familiar voices inspired the animators in their creation of the characters and helped them shape their personalities.
Baloo was also based on footage of bears, even incorporating the animal's penchant for scratching.There is no girl that lures Mowgli into the village in the book.Soon, however, he appears dressed in banana skins and coconut shells posing as a female orangutan which fools the King.This film earned 47,901,582 at the box office.Sterling Holloway voiced Kaa, an Indian rock python and the film's secondary antagonist, who, like Shere Khan, is determined to catch and eat Mowgli.There are no other extras during the final 3 minutes of the credits.There are two video games based on the film.(However, Walt did work on a few projects before his death as well, most notably the majority of Disney's animated films that came out in the 1970s.) This is also the first animated feature released after Walt Disney's death.The film was inspired by the stories about the feral child.For live-action film, see.Walt also cast other prominent actors such as George Sanders as Shere Khan and Sebastian Cabot as Bagheera.The monkeys' dance during " I Wanna Be Like You " was partially inspired by a performance Louis Prima city hunter episode 6 did with his band at Disney's soundstage to convince Walt Disney to cast him.His mind soon changes when a young girl from the village comes down by the riverside to fetch water.Though it should be noted that Disney did have a few successful films during that time period, most notably The Rescuers in 1977 and The Great Mouse Detective in 1986.The wolves play an important part in the book.This world was going to be in Kingdom Hearts but was dropped out due to similarities of a world known as Deep Jungle based on Tarzan.
In the film, Kaa hypnotizes with his eyes.
The casting of the vultures still brought a British Invasion musician, Chad Stuart of the duo Chad Jeremy.