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TM or as indicated.
Corrected an issue that caused enemies not to be alerted by the body of a comrade in their field of vision.
Fixed bug allowing rocket launcher lock-on after death.
Fixed bug preventing camera shake if hit by explosive.The use of this update is pursuant to the Software License.Your current IP: hidden.Fixed bug causing force pull to be unblockable by people with equal or greater pull rank.You can access this through the game's launcher.Added a keyboard icon that appears over the player's head when the player is chatting or configuring force powers.This will quad bike games for pc enable better saber battles up close with your opponent.Patch will work around manufacturing defect which causes single player not to run.Corrected issue causing damage not to ramp up and down properly when using the backstab move in light saber stance.Correct various Duel mode issues, including: * Reconfiguring force powers will not place your player at bottom of queue.Corrected an exploit which allowed players to fall from large heights at a slow rate.