ibm hs22 firmware update

Fixed a problem game assassin's creed 111 where a Command Line Interface command, such as "ifconfig didn't return a failure if the command was invalid.
Default port number is 3900.
When a user applies bofm the correct bofm addresses will now show under Configuration menu under Blade Tasks for the QLogic 2-port 10Gb Converged Network Adapter (CFFh) for IBM BladeCenter.
Modify proxy ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) to be consistent with the Network Working Groups RFC 1027.Fixed issue where a power command sent using telnet may fail.Serial Over LAN (SOL) provides detailed status, improved reliability, and an override option - Supports blade jabardasth tv show all episodes Network Technologies' (BNT) Smart Connect.Corrected an issue with CLI commands where mistyped IP address would cause an unexpected error.Corrected a problem where the blowers didn't reduce speed after a thermal event cleared.Corrected a problem where the command line interface "update" command wouldn't show the flash completion percent status.Corrected a problem that caused users to see "Unable to update device list" message when using Remote Console with multiple AMMs at the same firmware level.New behaviors when updating the Advanced Management Module firmware: added ability to update AMM firmware with an automatic restart, added a method to specify the firmware file on a remote vsphere client datastore browser system, and now displays the current verses flashed firmware level when the AMM.Fixed issue where different status was reported for the blade server in the System Status and Configuration Wizard pages.Limitations: Critical Fixes: Dependencies: Version.42O, Build ID: bpet42O Problem(s) Fixed: Enhancements: Limitations: Critical Fixes: - Fixed an issue where Advanced Management Module can not read VPD data of JS22 blade.Fixed a problem where the Web interface would become unresponsive until the management module was rebooted.Limitations: Critical Fixes: Dependencies: Version.62C, Build ID: bpet62C Problem(s) Fixed: - Fixed an issue that prevented setting some I/O modules from going into protected mode.
If capping is enabled with this default power capping value, an error message is displayed: "The Maximum Power value you entered is not within the accepted range.