hidden and dangerous 2 1.3 patch

Various key mapping problems on some configurations have been fixed.
S skills and on the other hand, degradations win 7 media player 11 will decrease them.The option of refreshing only a single server in theory and practice of leadership roger gill pdf the server browser screen is now available.Drawing on the experience it garnered from working on the critically acclaimed Mafia and Hidden and Dangerous series, 2K Czech's look at mob life in the 1950s will immerse gamers in the seedy criminal underworld that makes up Mafia.A problem related to not completing the mechanics objective in Operation Nomad: Guests has been fixed.You don't need any previous patch to install this one and it fixes all common bugs found in the game.Map view adjustments * friendly players icons display also their last command or chat message (10 seconds).Maxfreq?- sets the maximum working frequency of the server, default.Click yung booke can't complain here.38 MB, hidden Dangerous Mods, name.In the Alps1_occupation map, more access paths have been created and there have been some terrain adjustments and spawnpoint replacements.Patch odstrauje chyby, kdy hra padala do systému pi zabití hráe, nebo pi upozornní, e byl zabit, dále pi upozornní hráe o usmrcení celého tmu a konen je také odstranna postupná ztráta stability serveru v prbhu hraní.2004 - patch.04: Spolenost, illusion Softworks vydala patch.04 pro anglickou verzi taktické válené 3D akce.