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Bhagwat Professor, Chemical Engineering Email ID : Extention.
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0 Reseach Area : Development of Novel Methodologies, Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry, Synthesis of drug and drug intermediates, Design and Synthesis of Potential bioactive games for laptop temple run molecules, Protein Isolation and Bioassay research students:.23, Masters- 62 Ongoing:.D - Ongoing - 10 - Completed - 08, Ongoing -.0 Reseach Area : Pre-clinical Pharmacodynamic activity evaluation in diseases related to Inflammation Immunomodulation Hepatoprotective Central Nervous System Cardio Vascular System diseases Toxicology- Acute, Sub-acute, Chronic Toxicity studies Research Students:.08 Research Publications: International- 27; Conference proceeding - 89; Books- 01 Sponsored Projects: Government- 04; Consultancy: 01 Prof.2316, reseach Area : Genetic anime inuyasha subtitle indonesia full episode manipulation of algal species for increasing the photosynthetic efficiency and development of robust algal strains by manipulation of stress responsive genes, Secondary metabolite production Industrial Fermentation.Exploration of natural products as therapeutic leads.Sontakke DST-inspire Faculty, Chemical Engineering Email ID : Extention.Varajan Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology Email ID : Extention.Research Students : Guided:.Synthesis of Nanoemulsions using conventional methods as well as acoustic cavitation like polystyrene, pmma etc.Synthesis of Polyamide hot melt adhesives and its applications.2551 Reseach Area : Chemical Modification of Fats; Oleochemicals Surfactants; Biolubricants and Tribology; High Performance Paints; Surfactant Mediated Symthesis of Nanopigments; UV Cure Coatings; Paints; Perfumes, Waxes Cosmetics; Reaction Engg.D Sci.- 3,.Tech.-5, research Publications : 9 (so far) Conference Proceedings- 17 (so far).D.(Sc) -.Tech.Awaneesh Singh UGC Assistant Professor, Physics Email ID : Extention.