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Features * Zoomable campaign map * Vassalization of foreign nations through diplomacy forever 21 plus size dresses uk * New UI design improved UI functionality * Build the Trojan Horse * Numerous diplomacy improvements * AI improvements * Improved auto resolution of battles * Extra mod features 12 New Units.
TCP/IP support is included for multi-player games.Players can also refight the battle of Thermopylae 3ds max book models on a one for one scale, as Leonidas, leading the might Spartan warriors to their glorious fate.If Spartan is also installed it will allow you to play all the Spartan campaigns through Troy.An enjoyable Strategy game and a worthy expansion to its predecessor.IC Games - 83, dust off those blueprints for a large wooden horse and put in for a large delivery from the local building suppliers, its time for Gates of Troy!Lead your nation to victory in the ancient world's greatest battles!Gates of Troy is an epic turn based strategy game that covers the Trojan Wars, and lets the player take control of mighty heroes such as Achilles and Hector and allows you to assault the Gates of Troy and build the Trojan horse.3D Avenue - 80, gates of Troy is a great game which combines three of the most popular series around today; Civilization, Sim City and Command and Conquer.Gates of Troy does not require Spartan.Gates of Troy includes 6 campaigns, 19 heroes, over 50 units and a number of great features not available in Spartan.Take the role of King Leonidas and lead 300 Spartans to immortality.Gates of Troy is the sequel to the award winning Spartan.The game is top-notch and should be very appealing to strategy fans, especially of the Civilization sort.Control vast empires and fight epic battles.Gates of Troy is compatible with all versions languages of Spartan.Game Tunnel - 80 Gold Award.Gates Of Troy comes with three tutorial scenarios as well as a full e-book and print ready manual.Gates of Troy has enough content to keep anyone satisfied.An extremely epic game.Designed by wargaming world champion Iain McNeil, Gates Of Troy is the latest in Slitherine's critically acclaimed series of historically-detailed strategy games.
Use them tactically to boost the morale of your troops on the field and watch them cut a swathe through your enemies!