fractal design node 304 vs bitfenix prodigy

Good size for a mITX case : 250 x 210 x 374mm (
Footprint: 148 in, Volume: 1210 in (19.8 L).
Two tool-less bays for.5/3.5 drives.Can carry up to six.5/2.5 drives with vibration rubber dampeners.Hot-swappable sata adapter in each of the two larger drive bays.I will be watercooling.Obviously not made for weaklings and under lvl noobs.Otherwise, buy a DAC and use the optical link to hook into.Footprint: 121 in, Volume: 903 in (14.8 L).But when I heard of a mini ITX case made by evga, I could care less.PSU upgrade is limited.We all ptcl 1mb student package charges 2015 know about Fractal Design S series.Footprint: 145 in, Volume: 1882 in (31 L).Two.5 bays and two.5 bay.Also comes in white color.Two front USB.0 ports with USB.0 header.
Two USB.0 ports by the right side.