first certificate expert coursebook 2008

Engagement, new baby, house warming, christening/naming ceremony, retirement.
2 Matching the words and phrases to the items in Exercise I will help students to remember them.
Started If Judith's car been on time.Unfortunately, I ended up spending too much time with other Americans and so I didn't really become as fluent as I would have liked.It would be mastram ki mast kahaniya pdf interesting for students to check whether their chosen place is already a World Heritage site - they may not even know that it is!What about all the news?N: Because it's a threatened species, it lives only in the very remotest areas.Time: Activity type: Procedure 1 Divide the class into groups of four (or three) and give each group a copy of the board game and counters.1b Students uncover the next part to check their predictions.The bike can't go above 50 kilometres an hour but it doesn't seem that slow because you can overtake lines of cars.2 Explain that the object of the activity is for students to make sentences using the linking words and the topic words,.g.0 D learning about local customs.P: The main issue is not so much adults - although they are certainly not as slim as they used to be - but how many young people growing up today are overweight.Thanks verv much for the invitation to staV with vou this summer.Look Check that students understand the distinction hp basic usb keyboard made in B between general ability (i.e.It is designed in a modular way so that teachers can either follow the order of the material corel photo paint 12 pl in the book or choose their own route through the course to meet the needs of specific classes.If time, get students to create other sentences using the words.7 offered to carry the bag for her mother.I came over here to learn English and then met my wife and got married, so I have been here ever since.139-140) would work well here.6 Students skim the letter to get the gist.Is still a long way off in many companies.
 A play you have enjoyed (at the theatre, on the radio, on TV).