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Simply press board game design software "CtrlSpace" to activate this (consult the tooltip that appears when hovering over the little bulb decorator near the Change field).
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If at least one push URI is defined in this steps, it will override the fetch URI.Usually local branches are created based on a remote tracking branch which auto-configures that the local branch tracks this remote tracking branch.There is also an action available in the Git Command Group.If you selected one of the options to use Git from the Command Line Prompt when you installed Git for Windows, then the location of the system wide settings is filled in with a path and everything is fine.Press Search to trigger a scan for Git repositories contained in this directory.Select the commit with the branch or tag label you want to merge and click Merge.Contents, overview, if you're new to Git or distributed version control systems generally, then you might want to read.In Windows 7, type "environment" at the start menu.If you want to abort the ongoing rebase operation click Abort.Map refs/heads to refs/heads/joe if you want to name the branches you push to according to your nickname joe."Notes History" toggles the displaying of Gerrit's review notes branch/ref in the History view "Follow Renames" toggles whether renames of a selected resource food stamps application nyc spanish should be followed in the History View, if the "Resource" filter is used.Tree layout shows the resource hierarchy as it is shown in the Project Explorer.A patch file contains a description of changes of a set of resources which can be automatically applied to another eclipse workspace or git repository.See Revert all local and staged changes for more details.All unstaged changes will stay untouched and remain in your working directory.The new commit will then replace the previous one.Also, any entries in the view that contain children that are conflicts will also be decorated with the conflict icon.The last picked commit is highlighted in bold.By selecting a radio button, you can decide whether to Start the Merge Tool to resolve the conflicts manually Skip the current commit Abort the rebase altogether Do nothing (return to the workbench this is equivalent to hitting "Escape Unless Skip or Abort was chosen.
Quick navigation between "hunks" (changes with added or removed lines) is available via clicking on an annotation in the overview ruler, or via the "Go To Next Annotation Go To Previous Annotation" actions in the global Eclipse toolbar (default keyboard shortcuts are "Crtl/Cmd-." and "Shift-Ctrl/Cmd.
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