dream dictionary pregnant man

You gave birth without any complications.
Not yet expressed outwardly it is developing. .Pregnancy in a dream has many meanings.If a young boy who is under the game warcraft 2 tides darkness age of puberty sees himselfpregnant in a dream, it represents his father, and if ayoung girl who is under the age of menstruation sees herself pregnant, then it represents her orison swett marden books mother.If you feel in your stomach the baby kicking inside you then this shows that you need to focus on your potential in order to succeed in a work situation.If you dream that you have not fed a baby shows that you are going to find that projects at work are going to be difficult to get off the ground.If the child dies in dream then this is a representation of a difficulty that will enter the dreamer's life.This caused great confusion in Angela because she had got a lot from the relationship, shown by the pregnancy.If it is still unborn.e.If you are a man and you dream that you are pregnant then this shows that times have been hard recently and it is time for you to change things going forward.The presence of the baby in your dream equals a happy, content time.Ifa barren woman sees herselfpregnant in a dream, it means a bad harvest for that year, or it could mean a robbery in her neighborhood.Pregnancy in a dream also means being madly in love, or having passionate attachment to someone, or planting seeds in the wrong place, or beingbisexual or a deviate, or sufferingfrom dropsy, or perhaps it could mean that a thief will enter his house to steal.It is essential to understand the other features of the dream in order to gain a more deeper perspective.Positive changes are afoot if, the experience was positive and delightful.
However, for a learned man, pregnancy in a dream may represent increase in his knowledge, while for a craftsman, it means achieving unrivalled excellence in his trade.