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Upon reaching level 15, the Cleric can advance to "Paladin" or "Priest".
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DNP-Back Rewards are back and theyre coming at you from HRS to HRS (cest), so simply spend any amount of CC in the Cash Shop this weekend and get 100 DNP in return as rebate.Your boost to Lv93.From HRS to 6 September 2359HRS (cest), shine a Ray of Hope from the top when you take your Mechanic to Level 93 for the Title Divine Instrument and Costume Bright Days Mechanic.Team Dragon Nest on: 01/Aug/2017, read more, ray Mechanic Exclusive Costume Title Awaits at Lv93!The Assassin crossed paths with a mysterious shadow-cloaked man who vanished inside him, and life was never the same ever since.Need that extra boost to speed your way through to Lv93?Fiercely loyal to her allies, Archers can be highly depended upon for support in battle as they rain arrows from the skies, painting destruction in their wake.Team Dragon Nest on: 11/Aug/2017, read more, service Maintenance (Completed on 8 Aug) Aug.Her fate had been foretold long before her birth, and specialized battle knowledge had been passed down generations after generations to prepare Kali for her destiny.From HRS to 13 August and HRS to HRS (cest get your weekends going with 100 Drop Rate and 100 Monster Hunt EXP simply by jumping into the world of Althea.Never one to give up easily without a fight, this spunky lady will stop at nothing to seek treatment for her arm even if it means joining the dark side or even taking on the legendary dragons!Theres no mistaking it, Adventurers!Sorceress Video, the Sorceress defeats her enemies with quick and powerful magic-based attacks.Recommended, cPU, intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU E8400 or higher (or Core 2 quad or higher).Examples: - When GM, team Dragon Nest on: 02/Aug/2017, read more 100 Drop Rate, 100 Monster Hunt EXP and 100 FUN!Monthly Costume Billionaire Theme Dont be Team Dragon Nest on: 01/Aug/2017 Read more The Ray Mechanic is finally crashing into Althea!On his journey to discover the truth, he has to face not only his own destiny, but the darkness within as well.Our most recent announcements include LawBreakers, the first game from legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski's new studio, as well as a new publishing deal with Austin based value at risk book QC Games, founded by a team of veteran online and Bioware members.Get up to 92k worth of DNP during this limited time only, so dont miss out on Augusts saving spree!