desktop messenger for windows 8

It will continue to be available for download, but there will be no technical support available.
By using Facebook MessengerTime for PC, you can enjoy Facebook Messenger without the need for a perfect image 12 professional windows 7 browser, and have access to all your instant messaging in one place, with smooth UI and great comfort!
Using the desktop version of the app comes with advantages including proper native desktop notifications and better keyboard shortcuts.There's one important difference however: in QQ Messenger you hardly find any ads!You simply need WhatsApp installed and working on your phone and Windows 8 or later on your desktop.With more than one billion registered accounts, QQ Messenger is now more than just a simple IM client: it's a whole social phenomenon that millions of people use on a daily basis, and an essential part of their lives.QQ Messenger is mainly a tool for chat, but it can also be used to help your friends or customers thanks to its integrated Remote assistance tool: a basic remote control app that grants you access to your friend's desktop and enables you to help.If you have been using this software without issues, then you can continue to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.Download MessengerTime, the essenger application that will make you wonder how you used Facebook Messanger before you had it!The new app basically works as an extension of your phone; it mirrors messages and conversations from your device.Not a very user-friendly method, I'd say.WhatsApp is a renowned messaging service that has been around for some time now.On the downside, I have to admit that QQ Messenger was a bit unreliable when trying to add contacts - which, by the way, are identified with numbers, like good old ICQ.Other than that, QQ Messenger is a great IM cilent that is definitely worth trying out.Within seconds, you will be able to use Instant Messaging through FB Messenger the way you are used to from your smartphone.