database schema comparison visual studio 2012

Solution Explorer after adding a schema file and tables Table Designer Overview The table designer gives you options as to how you want to design your table.
In the schema comparisons toolbar, you can choose to group by Action (the default by the Schemas, or by Type (types being tables, views, etc).
A feature carried over, but improved upon, from Visual Studio Database Projects is the Schema Comparison tool.The top is to pick a project as your source.This can be easily done using the Schema Comparison Utility available in Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010/2008/2005, almost all versions.Please excuse the name prefixes.Xqsxg_MMS_MailMessage Drop Column CCAddress.From the Connection Properties window select your server name and database and test the connection and finally click on the "OK" button. This gives you more flexibility. It may make more sense to also gu family book hd put SQL in the name; just in case you use another type of database in the future.You can reverse engineer a database project from an existing database, or create a new project from scratch.To complement this, the Next and Previous buttons step between top-level objects only. . Then you can pick another database project in the solution, or a system database, or a dacpac file exported from another database.The "Select Source Schema" window will be opened.
The problem is that when schema compare write updates to the target project, it does not write all the updates.
Then when you apply the changes these would be left untouched.