configure newsgator sharepoint 2010

Social Sites builds on the SharePoint model for using email for digests and notifications, and again reporting capabilities have been built.
The average score for SP2010 was 7 out of 10 which I characterised as pretty good.Communities, first, the Communities aspect of SP2010 is, as Brian describes it, somewhat of a virtual construct.See the table below to compare basic SP2010 to Social Sites 2010 features: Microblogging.The solution turned out to be painfully simple.See customer service page for refund and return details.We designed it to intelligently offer customers a variety of customizable features that allow them to better consume the streams information idm crack for window 7 flowing inside their organization and help customers.However I noted that the NewsGator client list is football manager 2013 crack ski team full of very large pharmaceutical, aerospace and defence and financial organizations, and JB confirmed that their typical customer is of 10,000 or more knowledge workers.Community sites can have document and picture libraries, microblogs, question lists, discussion boards, and surveys, as well as subsites and workspaces.In my last article, evaluating SharePoint 2010 as an Enterprise.0 platform.What was helpful was the command: get-spfeature -webapplication m, this showed that the feature was associated with that web application and it also showed that it was webapplication scoped.SharePoint 2010 users can contact NewsGator now about a free beta program to test the software, assuring an easy move to SharePoint 2013 when ready.Social Sites does an excellent job of extending SharePoint with social media functions.Now, given that newsgator is legitimately installed on our farm and on ONE web application (URL) I didnt want to remove it from the farm!It is basically Team Site collaboration with some additional features, such as being able to check out who is using the same tags as you for categorizing content.In the ULS logs, there were entries like this: Failed to create a custom control 'CustomMenu_NewsStreamAdmin feature 'wsManager_Actions' (id:16c89384-881d-44aa-a6f5-f ) using attributes (ControlSrc ControlAssembly'wsManager.Whats even more significant is that Social Sites now supports both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, with no licensing fees for upgrading.I had to completely uninstall Social Sites and reinstall it, rather than adding it to the site I wanted using the Repair option, as documented in the installation guide.
Enter Social Sites for SharePoint 2010 from NewsGator Technologies.
Installation isnt for the faint of heart if you dont have a vanilla SharePoint installation, or if your AD and networking configuration arent standard.