can vs could vs may vs might exercises

I will cover ghost recon advanced warfighter cd key their functions within the sentence, the grammar behind each word, and give plenty of examples so you wont ever mix them up again.
An easy way to express/remember this difference is that might suggests a lower probability than does may.
X Youd think they may be able to understand each others point of view a bit more.
May I help you with your luggage?I may go to the cinema has at least biology lab experiments for high school two possible meanings.For example, I may not go to the movies tonight.May and Might When Asking Permission May and might can also both be used when asking for permission.Im not Dutch, Im an American talking about a theoretical situation If you go to bed earlier, you might feel better tomorrow.Polite Might I borrow your pen?She thinks she might be going crazy.It works just fine in this sentence.Might have is more common for statements about things that could have happened but didnt (counterfactuals but may have is sometimes used: If they had lived in another time, their lives pokemon pitch black patched rom might have been different, I might have gone to school there, but because.My dad said I can go to the cinema tonight.Far from just a few grammar-loving pedants, the majority of experts view this distinction as necessary, and if youre writing for any kind of professional audience, you will want to make sure youre keeping these two words separated.One is that it's an incomplete conditional thought.Answer, question, what is the difference between may and might? .If you can determine the tense of your sentence, you can easily choose between might or may.You could go to the cinema, if what?However, there are a few differences in usage between may and might and its useful, especially if youre writing for school, college, or work, to know when each is more appropriate.Past forms of these words are used in subjunctive and conditional constructions.I may go to the movies tonight.However, in NAm, could/would and may are practically interchangeable.The speaker believes that theres a fairly good chance that they may go to Ireland The woman looked as if she might have been in her late 40s.