basic slider code in html

(function var width 100; var speed 1000; var pause 1000; var currentSlide 1; var slider slider var sliderContainer nd ul var slides nd li var myInterval setInterval(function imate( 'margin-left '-' width, speed, function currentSlide; if (currentSlide slides.
The first slide title and description works as expected, however the following slides play fine, but without the titles showing.I am having difficulty having the titles show on all of the slides.It seems that the head tag on your page isn't closed, so the head part of wowslider wasn't added.RangeSlider / / / / Default Slider Variables slider-color: secondary; slider-border:.085vw solid slider-color; slider-tick-height:.85vw; slider-tick-width:.15vw; slider-margin: 8vw auto; slider-size:.55vw; slider-handle-width:.25vw; slider-handle-height:.5vw;.irs height: slider-size;.irs-with-grid height: slider-size slider-tick-height;.irs top: slider-tick-height;.irs-line height: slider-size; bottom: 0; border: slider-border; border-radius: slider-size;.irs-line-left,.irs-line-mid,.irs-line-right height: slider-size;.irs-bar height: slider-size; bottom: 0;.Reload to refresh your session.Data ionRangeSlider ; create!Length) currentSlide 1; s margin-left 0, 1000 jQuery!#slider height:100px; width:100px; overflow:hidden; border:3px solid black; #slider ul display:block; height:100px; width:500px; margin:0; padding:0; #slider li float:left; height:100px; width:100px; background-color:red; #slider.two background-color:blue; #slider.three background-color:green; #slider.four background-color:purple; #slider.five background-color:orange;!Please contact me as soon as you can.I need to have a detective conan episode 24 subtitle indonesia non-profit license.Not having a good time working this out.As a PRO member, you can drag-and-drop upload files here to use as resources.main header class"top-bar" div class"top-bar-title" h1 Foundation small with /div /header section class"row" div class"columns" div class"callout row collapse" header class"columns small-12" h2 Basic Slider /h2 hr /header div id" class"columns small-12 slider-container" input id"slider1" class"rangeSlider percent" data-max"5" data-step"0.25" data-postfix" " value"1 input type"hidden" id"percent".NoneHamlMarkdownSlimPug, add Class(es) to html Stuff for head CSS Preprocessor, nonelessscsssassStylusPostCSS, need an add-on?Try typing "font" or "ribbon" below.Help please, This seems like it would be a great program if and I mean IF I can get it to function properly.You can see a, twist template in this demo.
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In this video you will get steps on how to develop html Sliders!