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Then, on the Plugins tab, click the Configure button.
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Been using it for a while, can't say I've seen anything like that.If so, this would solve the mystery that prompted me to post the following on newsgroup t-virus: AVG disciples 2 gold iso "Internet Security" - are all the pieces there yet?Firewall, Parental Control, Disk, backup, system, confidential data by encryption and reliable data shredding.Please see our guideline on non-free text for how to properly implement limited"tions of copyrighted text.So, it would be nice if there were a free and independent site for such consumer issues, that AVG could address, but not suppress.PC World reports it as being particularly bad at finding Trojans.Tayquan holla My work 01:38, (UTC) Nomenclature edit "Since AVG stands for Anti Virus Guard, this product should properly be referred to as AVG, as the use of the term AVG Anti-Virus would be redundant." Can I remove this from the article?Even though this doesn't have anything to do with the article itself, which is what this talk page is for, I will briefly comment that AVG does not send invoices as requests for payment.I load it on my computers and on my clients.Blaimjos ( talk ) 16:13, (UTC).Plans to intergrate Sana's technologies in their free consumer product, AVG Anti-Virus, is still under consideration, according to JR Smith, AVG's chief executive.Apparently, AVG also marks some programs as malware even though they are obviously aren't to scare away the user.Edit I thought I read somewhere that Intel had bought a 10 interest in AVG?Trojan detection is a bit weak, probably ipl 2013 cricket game patch because of AVG Anti Spyware (former Ewido a free version of it also available, btw.23:10, (UTC) I don't know what AVGs false positive rating is like, but every single anti-virus and anti-spyware program finds them anonymous comment I did find a critical review on the PC Magazine website: Negative review - 04:26, (UTC) Thats good, but thats only.Nor the better measure (as does Ms Outlook and other programs, to warn the user during shutdown, that an execution critical program needs a decision.Well, started using it, it was scanning a folder I have for my music (I have all my CDs backed up as mp3's and it was finding thousands of trojans in the folder!?!?!?!Thanks to saad Bhavya for informing me about this promo.I called the Dutch AVG distributor who confirmed that AVG for Linux is no longer available.There were two messages one and one-half year later, and then one year after that (just days ago) one Robin Hankin threw in a comment.This Wikipedia article on AVG should be an encyclopedic description of the company and products, not a support forum, and even this discussion page should be about the Wikipedia article rather than the AVG product.
Detect and eliminate viruses.
Why are so many people apologists for this?