asset management salary survey 2012

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Education University CNY 179,734.Ceph storage development." Individual gross salary (USD US 67,116 Individual gross salary: CNY 420,000 Details: Show more info » real estate Posted: Guangzhou Properties Real Estates Real Estate Masters Degree, 4-8 years: "Marketing reseach?P I's selections, Acadian employees took pride in mentioning Acadian's supportive culture and open, collegial atmosphere, also noting exciting opportunities for growth within the firm.IT Telecommunication II CNY 234,232 US 37,507.Automobile CNY 205,000 US 32,813.Our proprietary database covers over 40,500 securities in more than 100 markets worldwide.Salary USD Polls.Marketing, Sales, Purchase CNY 224,772.CNY 288,445 US 46,162 1,940.In responding to surveys that were the basis for.United States US 80,293 US 80,293 17,043.General Manager CNY 852,980 US 136,480.ADD your salary poll Kind of work you have?IT Manager CNY 399,061 US 63,889.Salesmen or Saleswomen CNY 175,138 US 28,007.Russia RUB 1,603,198 US 24,618 800.
Several F B outlets." magerealm rise of chaos hack Individual gross salary (USD US 76,704 Individual gross salary: CNY 480,000 Details: Show more info » economist Posted: Wuhan Finance Banking Economist Doctorate Degree, 0-1 year: "I do not have a job yet.