action games for mac os x

Don't let the pixel art style fool you Undertale is a modern game in every respect save forits visuals.
Watch a video about why the game is great.A Good Match For: Anyone looking for something different.The Binding of Issac long to see the shared lineage.Borderlands is also notable because of its art style.The shump ( shoot-em-up, the Top 5 Free Shoot 'Em Up Games.Purchase From: Steam How has this list changed?Read our thoughts on the iPad version.Of course, those guests are rival nations and a good time is submitting to the power of your empire.Watch it in action.Update: At number 16 on our list, we've added Darkest Dungeon, a dungeon-crawler RPG that's ostensibly a windows 8.1 iso cutesy on the outside but a tough egg to crack underneath.Elite players of Blizzards real-time strategy sequel can out-earn corporate middlemen in China or Korea, but the sci-fi conflict simulators most significant currency is the devotion from millions all over the world.Suddenly faced with the ability to rewind time and overwrite history, Life Is Strange centers around Max Caulfield, a troubled teenager out to protect her best friend Chloe Price from the dangers of reality using her newfound superpower.Despite those grim trappings, Undertale can be an incredibly warm, fuzzy, and funny game.Like a wedding or a milestone birthday party, Civilization V s all about knowing your guests and what they need to have a good time.Theres nothing innovative about the gameplay mechanics, but the controls are tight and the level design excellent.Borderlands, at first glance, Borderlands office 365 with key looks like a straight shooter.
Youll command a crew and do your best to make it through deep space: Chances are, you wont survive.
Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 If you want a fun co-op multiplayer action game, look no further.