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Businessmen must know how money revolves around his business, how to generate money, where the money came up from, how money is spent, and how to make use of the money.Skladem (ihned expedujeme) Rychl náhled 212 K 249 K -15 English for Accounting English for Accounting Uebnice English for Accounting je souástí modulárního projektu Anglitina v praxi.When we talk about business, the first thing that comes into our mind is money.Accounting books práce: Zamstnejte top freelancery v oboru Accounting books: Jiná podobná práce: accounting data entry software, want know accounting, books author, articles accounting, accounting see, business marketing books, best design books, accounting work needed, need cost accounting, business accounting online, accounting software books, free.3-5 dní Rychl náhled 239 K 281 K -15 Oxford English for Careers.2-3 tdny Pedchozí 1 2 3 Dalí Zobrazeno 1 16 z 41 poloek Mj úet Kontakt Odbr novinek 4works Solutions.1 produkt v koíku.Num Pages: 210 pages.Professional English in Use: Finance Professional English in Use Finance is the latest exciting addition to the bestselling English Vocabulary in Use itable for intermediate students and above, Professional English in Use Finance includes 50 units covering all aspects of financial vocabulary from Accounting.English for the Financial Sector Student's Book Providing at least 50 hours of classroom material, this course builds financial language and teaches students about key financial concepts.Bob Swarup, aUD.99, five centuries of financial bubbles and investment manias, told with rich historical detail and an insider's financial acumen, for fans of Michael Lewis, Liaquat Ahamed, and brilliant business writing.Oxford English for Careers Finance 1 Teacher's.Domácnost, hobby, vaení, hudba, divadlo, film, umní, sport.Skladem (ihned expedujeme) Rychl náhled 420 K 494 K -15 Finance a úetnictví Audio.Omalovánky pro dosplé, slovníky, materiály pro uitele.
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